Indian Weddings are the most colourful weddings and loved by everyone. Indian Wedding venues will be designed traditionally. If you don’t have an idea about the places, you need to hire a wedding planner. Wedding Planners are the one who helps you to suggest you the best Indian Weddings. Indian Weddings are the best kind of weddings which will be loved by everyone they have many rituals taking place in it. They make the ceremonies as the serious once. If your planning for an Indian wedding in London. You need to choose the best Indian Wedding Venues in London. They are many Indian Wedding Venues available you need to select the best wedding venues in depending upon the number of guests you invite. Wedding planners help you to choose the best wedding venue as they have executed many weddings. Wedding planners not only help in suggesting the places. They take care of all the services in the marriage.

There are many wedding venues available in London your wedding planner helps you to select the best Indian Wedding venues as they have executed many weddings. You need to make a list of guests you’re going to invite. Depending on the number of guests you need to select the wedding venue. Once you have fixed your wedding planners you need to say the budget that you’re having in your mind. So that it will be easy for them to suggest you the Indian wedding venues depending upon your budget. Wedding occurs once in a lifetime, but the memories cherish you for your lifetime. If your planning to hire a wedding planner, who is going to make you stress-free. But finding the wedding planner is not an easy way. You need to find the best wedding planner who has executed many weddings successfully. You need to check their portfolio and get reviews from their clients.

You need to check their packages they offer and what are the services included in the package. Compare the packages and the services with their competitor. They have the list of Indian Wedding venues and what are the facilities in the places you can select depending upon the list they provide you. Before wedding visit at least once to the wedding venue and make sure it suits your family and friends. Once you fix the wedding venue, you need to pay an amount and book the wedding venue.

There are many ways where you can choose quality furniture for your perfect home. But today we have a look at my favorite Furniture show room in London.

FCI London

This place is called FCI London and it is located in East London. The main reason why This is my favorite furniture design shop in London is because of its size.

Many furniture shops are way too big and you can easily get lost in them, on the other hand, you don’t want to be choosing let’s say beds form two models. FCI London has a perfect size, not too big or not too small. So when you go there to get a new bed you definitely leave with one that you like.

And in case you need a specifically designed bed only for you, you can be sure that people at FCI London will design you perfect bed that will with in your bedroom

Fitted wardrobes

The other thing that makes FCI great place where to get furniture is the fact that you can get fitted wardrobes. We can all agree that built in wardrobes are more practical as they take less space and are much more fashionable, as there’s no space between the wardrobe and the selling. The wardrobe just nicely fits in the room and it looks like it has always been there.


These are some of the things that make this place unique and my number one choice when it comes to furniture shopping

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Many couples have a problem with choosing the bets place where to have their wedding. If you are in this situation, don’t worry, as this detailed article will advise you on where to have the perfect wedding.

Areawedding property

The first think that you have to consider when choosing your wedding venue is the general area. Do you want your wedding in a big city like London, or do you prefer some quiet city near nature or a quiet and romantic wedding on the beach?

There are many different areas that you can choose form and imagination is your limit, just don’t go overboard and have a wedding under water like some couples.


The other important thing to consider is the size of the property. If you have a big family and you invite all those people to your wedding, you will need a large venue. If your wedding is in London I would recommend you Cavendish Banqueting if however, you choose wedding venue in nature I recommend you search on wedding venues websites. Where you can find all properties on which people already had a wedding.

Visit the property

wedidng venue

Many couples just see pictures of the property and they immediately fall in love with the venue. You should always visit the venue before you book it, the reason for this is that Photographers can make the property look massive, when in reality is very small. If you don’t have time to visit the property before booking, I’d strongly advise you to choose something else or at least ask someone else who had a wedding at that wedding venue.


Wedding is incredibly important, not just for the bride and broom, but for the other members of the family as well. So you want to make sure that it will be the best wedding possible.

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If you are renting or selling property it is crucial that you hire a professional photographer who can take amazing pictures of your property in London, here are some reasons why you can’t do it yourself and you need a professional.

  • need to show the space

You might be thinking that you could do this alone, and you can. However, if you get it done by a professional, with a professional gear and great camera it will look much better. Professional photographers also have wide angle lenses, that can capture the entire room. You could never achieve that outcome with your camera.

  • listing the property

Interior or architectural photographer in London always carry with them self a source of light to give the room and the property welcoming atmosphere, which is very important when the potential client is looking at the pictures. You want him to fell welcomed to the house just when he looks at the pictures, and that’s exactly what can professionally do.

when photographers capture the house from the outside, they always make sure to show the house in natural daylight, so people get an idea how it looks during a day. Then they capture it again when the sun is down, so you can really feel how the house looks at dusk. The amazing ting is, that they are able to put these two pictures together and create an incredible picture that expresses the atmosphere of the house so well, that the viewer just needs to see the house.

And you know how it is, once you have the potential client at your property selling or renting becomes so much easier.

You should always hire professional architecture photographer to take pictures of your property. Especially in London, where the competition is so big, the reasons for this are that you simply don’t have the gear, lighting, and experience that he or she has.

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Living in the UK can be expensive especially if you live in one of the main cities or the capital London.

Many couples or families prefer to rent instead of buying a property for several reasons. One reason is that you will not be tied down to a massive mortgage or have to save for a hefty deposit to secure your new home.

Another benefit is that you will not have to spend or any unfortunate repairs that may arise. If a boiler needs a repair or you have an electrical fault that is know fault of yours, it will be the responsibility of the landlord or estate agent. If you damage things yourself, then you will be charged for any damaged caused which may lead to the tenancy being terminated early.

Renting a property in the UK t is a similar process to get a mortgage. The only major difference is that you will not have to have a twenty to thirty percent deposit of the value of the building. A rental deposit will be around one months rent which will be held in a deposit scheme until the contract has ended and you have checked out. Any damages that you have left behind will be taken from this, although you can disagree with this.

London businessman Andrew Charalambous is a property developer from the capital and he has a different view on the way his properties.

His company does not charge a deposit from his tenants nor does he perform the standard checks like financial or contact past landlords to check that you was a good tenant in the past.

You can find out more UKIP’s Andrew Charalambous from the official Andrew Charalambous Twitter account.



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Interior designing is the forte of London. The world’s best interior designers have set their shop in London or are basically from London. The best interior designers in London firstly develop clear understanding of the needs of the client and how the client and that designer can work together.

Best Interior Designing London

A meeting is recommended between the designer and the client in a studio in London. Here in the studio the client will find a large selection of products from Italian partners including kitchen and bath rooms and living and sleeping furnitures and children’s furniture home or office and so on. Within the Studios the client understands how the designer has placed serious importance on product placement in terms of scale and color.
When combined correctly it creates a very powerful timeless aesthetic which can be introduced into the living space of the client with the guidance of the designer and with the patience and expertise of designer. The aim of this meeting is to get acquainted with each other and make sure that the designers are properly being understood by the client and the client gets what he wants. So I hope you can find your best interior design company.
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Just as there is a difference between residential areas and commercial areas is the same way the designs differ. However, most interior designers can work for both commercial and residential spaces successfully. With this in mind, it is important to understand the differences in commercial and residential interior design.

Commercial Interior Design

A commercial space is meant for business. For a successful interior design, a number of factors must be considered. These include:

  • The type of business
  • The design of the building
  • The functionality
  • The Size of the building

Once you have a clear understanding of what the commercial property is all about, you can start your interior design. With a commercial interior design, the designer has to think of the customers’ needs and desires. There is less of any personal interests in commercial interior design. This design is mostly geared towards attracting more clients and making them feel at home. As such, you want to come up with more of a functional design other than a personal design.

Residential Interior Design

In a residential interior design, you are working with the owner of the house. This person gives you his or her own preferences and expects you to bring out their desires. Residential interior design can be classified into other simple categories depending on the area of specialization. Most designers prefer specializing in a certain room of the house such as kitchen, bathroom, and living room home offices and so on.

Residential interior design focuses more on the personal needs and desires of an individual person (family) unlike the case for commercial interior design. For commercial, the focus is more on making the space look more attractive and neutral so that people with diverse preferences can all fit.


The big difference between residential and commercial interior design has to do with the needs and wants of the space. For a commercial space, it requires a clear understanding of the business and the property design as well.

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